Speed up your improved
drug discovery projects with AcademicLabs.
Maximise innovative research projects from
compound identification to academic collaboration with
a present-day view on the centralised science ecosystem.
Get alerts on
key opinion leaders,
ongoing research,
No more endless searching on separate sites,
get an instant overview of the most recent publications, patents, tech offers, clinical trials, funded projects, funding calls, researchers, research groups and their ongoing research.

Cleaned up and linked together.
Discover faster
Go beyond the inner circle you built during conferences and through other channels.

See in minutes who in the wide world has a certain expertise or technology today, outside of your network & attended conferences.
Break out of your circle
Get weekly emails to bring you up-to-date about the latest publications or patents matching your keywords.

In this fast changing world of science, we keep you up to date about new research teams working on matching research today anywhere in the world.

Stay up-to-date
Use your preferred process to identify expertise on AcademicLabs. Here is one example.
Identify experts & key opinion leaders
The present-day science ecosystem
AcademicLabs is a growing collection of research data,
with daily updates so you always see the latest work.

We bring together unique data from top universities,
and link it to all major scientific literature sources.

This huge amount of data is structured to offer you a unique and
complete view on the world's ongoing research.
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