How it works
Step 1
Deep Search
Our powerful search technology searches through all profile content and displays the profiles matching your search terms and their synonyms.
Where do you get this information from?
We are the only company that manually identifies and curates publicly shared information on what research groups are focussing on today and matches it up automatically to their publications, projects, clinical trials and patents.
Step 2
Powerful Filtering
Cut through the noise using the deep search technology which shows the top experts at the top. Easily sort and filter using quality criteria to get your desired results.
Filter research groups and researchers by:
    Current research focus
    Research area
    Country and University
    Publication quality, quantity and timing
    Reputable grants won
    Involved in clinical studies
    Order them by:
        Most relevant
        Most citations
        Latest publications
        Most publications
        Top journal publications
        Top university affiliation
        Step 3
        Evaluate Profile
        What no one else gives you is the ability to immediately understand and deeply analyse the group's core research focus, current activities and historical output.
        Can I see who they collaborated with?
        Absolutely! Using the analytical filters, you can even see for any topic which co-authors from leading universities they published with in top journals in the last 2 years.
        Step 4
        Collaborate to Innovate
        You can send a message directly through the platform, check out their website and share their profile. Or invite them in a private group to answer your R&D challenges.
        Can I instantly contact a professor via email?
        Of course! They receive your email via AcademicLabs showing your name as the sender to their email inbox. They reply directly to your email inbox, not via AcademicLabs.
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