Find ideal academic expertise in minutes.
AcademicLabs is a structured one-stop science database centralizing ongoing research of 80.000+ research groups at the world's leading universities with publications, patents, funded projects, clinical trials, and more.

Now you can instantly find, evaluate and engage with ideal experts and gather all evidence you need to speed up your drug discovery or development projects.
Email alerts on new research, activities of KOLs, publications of specific journals
No more endless searching on separate sites.

Get an instant overview of the most recent publications, patents, tech offers, clinical trials, funded projects, funding calls, researchers, research groups and their ongoing research.

Cleaned up and linked together.
Discover way faster
Go beyond the inner circle you built during conferences and through other channels.

See in minutes who has a certain expertise or technology today, outside of your network & attended conferences.

Create research groups & communities, get in touch with key opinion leaders and start successful collaborations.
Expand your network
Get weekly emails to bring you up-to-date about the latest publications or patents matching your keywords.

In this fast changing world of science, we keep you up to date about new research teams working on matching research today anywhere in the world.

Stay up-to-date
without AcademicLabs
with AcademicLabs
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with AcademicLabs

How does it work?
The present-day science ecosystem cleaned, deduplicated, transformed, merged & linked.
A centralised view on science.
Unique linked data from top universities & all major scientific literature sources.
Leading universities
Unique information on ongoing research of research groups at leading universities

EU-funded R&D projects
PubMed publications with exclusive filters: groups, top experts, country and university
Clinical trials registered in US and EU
Patents of recent 5 years from USPTO and EPO
Descriptions of research programs currently under investigation
Our data
is updated
every day
A growing collection of research data, with daily updates so you immediately see the latest work.
Cleaned & structured to offer you a full view on the world's ongoing research.
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