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AcademicLabs enables you as a scientist or innovator to find suitable partners, funding, streamline consortium building and collaboration to realise
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Who's using AcademicLabs?
AcademicLabs tears down walls to enable anyone - in academia and industry - to find the most suitable collaborators and solve their key R&D challenges.
R&D driven companies
  • R&D scientists and management accelerate and enhance quality of R&D pipelines by identifying, monitoring and sharing internally what research groups are currently focusing on, identify new project partners, and stay-up-to-date on new developments.

  • Business Intelligence teams support successful strategic decision making by identifying regional and university hotspots in specific research areas.

  • Business Development and Scouting acquire promising technologies by identifying interesting projects and new emerging technologies and assets from business-savvy research groups.
    Universities & Research Institutions
    • Professors, postdocs and PhD students win competitive grants and realize high-quality research by easily finding complementary partners.

    • Research groups scale relevant demand for collaborations from both academia and industry by boosting visibility and awareness.

    • Tech transfer and business developers scale partner and sponsor acquisition by easily and dynamically clustering and presenting up-to-date information in an attractive and interactive way.
      Why AcademicLabs?
      AcademicLabs is building the #1 matchmaking platform for research. We bring together all relevant data about each research group to enable anyone to easily find the ideal scientific partner.
      Go beyond your existing network and ad hoc collaboration opportunities. Find research groups and their current research topics among 90+ top European universities.
      Assess whether a research group is the best fit for your specific requirements. Understand potential shared goals, current research focus, track record, specific expertise, key team members, business savvyness, collaboration interests, etc.
      Simply get in touch with decision makers or go one step further and streamline communication and collaboration via our project consortium and community solution.
      AcademicLabs is growing quickly
      We are on a quest to bring together all research groups from all universities worldwide, incl. their full team composition, publications, projects, research topics, patents, clinical trials, equipment, techniques, etc.
      Top European universities
      Research groups, professors and their current research topics
      PubMed and other publications, grouped per author and filterable per country and university.
      AcademicLabs is more than yet another searchable database
      It's a living professional network where senior academic and R&D professionals build valuable connections and collaborate on successful projects.
      Research partner search tool
      Go beyond your existing network and ad hoc collaboration opportunities.
      Marketing channel for university research
      Raise awareness on your research group's, institute's and full university's capabilities.
      R&D consortium & community building
      Leverage rich profiles, powerful search, intuitive communication tools for your consortium's internal communication and external outreach.
      Here's what they say about AcademicLabs
      Research in academia is highly dependent on research funding in the "research funding market". In "triple helix" consortia (knowledge institutions, companies and government), excellent research projects must be developed and executed. We are constantly looking for excellent partners to join our consortia. AcademicLabs is a fantastic tool to help us in finding partners.
      Steef Blok
      TU Eindhoven Innovation Lab Managing Director
      Finally a convenient way to find other research groups and their capabilities. New collaborations have already been established with contacts we got from AcademicLabs.
      Dr. ir. Frederick Bossuyt
      Postdoc at CMST (UGent - imec), a research group developing a.o. electronic packaging solutions.
      The Open Innovation concept of AcademicLabs has great potential for making academia way more transparent for industry!
      Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke
      Professor and world authority in Open Innovation at Uhasselt, ESADE Business School & National University of Singapore has chosen to work with AcademicLabs to develop an online platform environment to stimulate the collaboration between our members. The AcademicLabs platform seems the best fit solution for us with built-in components to develop sub-cluster functionalities, including project building tools, advanced search and selection features and easy access to individual researchers in Belgium and abroad.
      Willem Dhooge
      Co-General Manager
      AcademicLabs was very helpful for preparing conversations with universities. It enables us to quickly convince professors how our hackaton fits in the scope of their research activities.
      Peter De Bruyn
      Digital Officer at Volvo Trucks Belux
      We won many international prizes by combining fashion with technology in various disciplines (health, electronics, AI...). Finding the right research partners was incredibly time consuming, until I met AcademicLabs. Within the hour I connected with the right experts, all of whom we're now exploring collaborations with!
      Jasna Rokegem
      Founder at Jasna Rok
      Who is AcademicLabs?
      Two Ghent University PhD students started AcademicLabs in 2015 with a clear mission: accelerate research and innovation by bringing transparency to a highly fragmented R&D ecosystem.
      Multidisciplinary A-team
      We combine a strong scientific background in Biology, Biomedicine, IT, Quantum computing with decades of software and data engineering, commercial savvyness in the R&D information market and business acumen (MBA).
      Supported by the best
      We surrounded ourself with a diverse group of visionary customers, highly-connected and experienced investors (captains of industry and entrepreneurs) and industry-specific advisors supporting our long term vision.
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