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Increasingly complex R&D requires collaboration and exchanging ideas across research areas.

With the explosion of new scientific information scattered around 100s of portals (PubMed, Google Scholar/Patents, ESPACENET, USPTO,, WHO, outdated university websites, Cordis, member directories, event participants, etc.), this is all but easy.

We set out to solve this and are excited our customers love finding insights in minutes instead of spending weeks not finding what they were looking for.

"This is an awesome tool. As scientists, it is important to stay on top of the information. This allows us to do that!"
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Find everything in one place, constantly up-to-date! Convenient, no?

Save hours every week by easily switching between life-science publications, patents, clinical trials, funded projects, and more… All in one place.

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All it takes is a single search to get a quick yet comprehensive overview of all information on your topic.
From extensive literature studies to a quick patent search, do it by yourself in no time with a buttery smooth interface and user-friendly filters that brings back in seconds exactly what you are looking for.

"We like the all-in-one approach of AcademicLabs the most — the grants, publications, researchers, patents in the same database."
Information Management
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"You can also find patents and clinical trials in the same database. It all comes together as a whole, which was specially interesting."
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"It is easier and more user friendly to find papers than Google Scholar and PubMed."
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Deep dive to get instant insights unavailable in what you use today

In each category of scientific information, you can extract in seconds the relevant and actionable scientific insights.


Answer your specific R&D questions with data-driven analytics:

  • What the authors of most cited peer-reviewed publications on your topic focusing on today?
  • Which companies are actively filing patents in your area recently?
  • Which companies and specifically who in these companies are historically most active in your target area?
  • Which projects are taking place today that may lead to interesting outcomes tomorrow?
“So many valuable insights with these smart filters… I didn’t realise before how much I was missing out on, simply because no other solution made this possible.”
Alliance Management
at top 20 Pharma Company
"The system is so easy to use that I actually use it. This makes it very accessible to use on a regular basis which helps me to be efficient. You have sites that are so complicated to use and eventually you don't do it."
Senior scientist
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The world's best way to find scientific experts

All scientific information you find is linked to expert profiles to help you find and evaluate them based on their specific research activities and criteria that matter to you.
Oh, and the same for universities and companies!

Use this to identify instantly collaborators or advisors (KOLs, up-and-coming research groups, startups or any expert worldwide) based on their track record on:

  • publications
  • citations
  • patents
  • clinical studies
  • funded projects
  • experience in collaborating with companies
  • and even based on what they are working on today.
"It is great to find the right thing — not just scientific literature but also patents, clinical trials and know what other groups are doing."
"We like the all-in-one approach of AcademicLabs the most — the grants, researchers, patents... in one place. And on top of that the linking to the group's lab profiles is a bonus!"
Information Management
at top 20 Pharma Company

We keep you up-to-date in ways you can't imagine yet

Never miss out on the latest science with customisable weekly email-alerts for any source and type of information.

We update our data constantly so that you can find the latest thing you need. NIH, PubMed,, USPTO, university websites, and many more databases.

For example, for CAR-T you can easily set an alert:

  • for every Review publication
  • in top 10 journals
  • that just gained more than 20 citations
  • with CD3 as key concept.
"This is an awesome tool. As scientists, it is important to stay on top of the information. This allows us to do that!"
at top 10 Pharma Company

Learn why your peers are breaking old habits

Curious how this can help you?

We’re happy to answer your questions and get you acquainted with AcademicLabs.

  • Find answers to burning questions in no time and make better data-driven decisions, faster.
  • Explore use cases for your team.
  • Get pricing information.
“I sincerely like it. I’m not using PubMed at all anymore. It is so convenient to have all sorts of different databases and unstructured data in a single one-stop solution. It saves me a lot of effort and time.
It’s now even my start site in Chrome
to find literature, researchers, companies...”
Scientific Director at Top 10 Pharma