Case Study

How BioRN Optimized Their Scouting Services with AcademicLabs.


Background: Established in 1996, BioRN is a driving force in the Life Sciences sector around Heidelberg, facilitating collaboration and innovation. Strategically positioned at the interface between academia and industry, BioRN supports translation, especially by leveraging the unique combination of global pharma and leading academic institutions in the region. Committed to fostering connections, BioRN nurtures and extends networks between key regional innovation stakeholders and actively seeks collaboration with other innovative ecosystems globally. Regular networking events, working groups, and other initiatives reinforce the synergy within its community. Moreover, BioRN champions the promotion and visibility of the Life Science region at both national and international scales.

The Challenge

Central to its offerings, BioRN's scouting service is a pivotal member benefit. The core mission? Finding the most fitting academic collaborator or research interest that fits the intricate criteria set by its members. Given their vast geographical scope, from Heidelberg to broader Germany and even Europe, traditional search methodologies often proved limiting. These tools, like Google and PubMed, were not only labour-intensive but frequently delivered results that didn't fully meet the criteria. With a keen interest in swiftly identifying potential collaborators, conference speakers, and innovative research, BioRN required a solution that could cast a wider, yet precise, net.

The Solution

This is where AcademicLabs came into the picture. Recognized as a leading early-stage research landscaping platform, AcademicLabs offered BioRN an innovative way to overcome its scouting challenges. It enabled BioRN to swiftly pinpoint relevant academic labs and associate their achievements with corresponding patents and grants. This in-depth insight meaningfully complemented the understanding of what a research lab was truly accomplishing, a perspective that was more nuanced than what traditional search methods could offer. Moreover, AcademicLabs streamlined BioRN's efforts in sourcing relevant speakers for their conferences, making the selection process faster and more efficient, ultimately elevating the quality and relevance of their event presentations. Additionally, the depth and reach of AcademicLabs ensured that BioRN was aware of emerging early-stage companies that might otherwise slip under the radar. Emphasizing companies less than 10 years old, AcademicLabs filled gaps left by platforms like PitchBook that may overlook organizations yet to secure funding. The ability to directly cross-connect with grants, companies, patents, and other related entities emerged as a clear advantage.


Embracing AcademicLabs is of high value for BioRN. The platform not only streamlined their scouting process but also enhanced the precision and quality of their searches. With this ability to get a comprehensive view of research teams and their interconnected achievements, BioRN was better equipped to identify potential collaborators, conference speakers, and groundbreaking research projects. Furthermore, the platform amplified BioRN's capability to serve its member companies more efficiently, especially those with a keen interest in academic collaborations. By streamlining the scouting process, BioRN could quickly pinpoint relevant academic labs and their group leaders, creating a seamless bridge between research and real-world applications.

About AcademicLabs:

AcademicLabs is the premier early-stage research landscaping platform for top pharma, biotech, academia and service providers. If you are looking for relevant collaborators, expert connections, startups, leads, competitive intel, or scientific trends and insights, AcademicLabs brings clarity to the scientific landscape, quickly delivering the answers you need.

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