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Discover rising star groups, established thought leaders, academic experts, and pharma competitors currently active in your global R&D ecosystem.

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Top KOLs are widely known. However, it becomes challenging to identify those up and coming scientists with strong ties to KOLs.

It is even more difficult to identify KOLs who have previously collaborated with companies or created a promising spin-off to keep an eye on.

Furthermore, it is crucial to identify the competitors that are focused on your scientific topic of interest.

AcademicLabs enables you to do this in one unified platform.

“So many valuable insights with these smart filters… I didn’t realise before how much I was missing out on, simply because no other solution made this possible.”
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Proactively recognise rising stars before anyone else does

Identify up-and-coming groups and researchers who recently published in a top journal or won a reputable grant on your topic of interest, started their own group, and have experience in collaborating with companies.


Discover the rising star group's expertise and recent collaborations with in-depth profiles and smart filters.

Engage directly with these groups through AcademicLabs for a guaranteed higher response rate.

"Better than PubMed and Google to find out who is working on the same thing and what is out there. I found out so many scientific insights that I didn't know before."
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Identify KOLs involved in biotech spinoffs and startups

Find the key opinion leaders (KOLs) who matter most to your research, in any country or US state.

Find KOLs with Industry Collaboration Experience - AcademicLabs

Find KOLs who:

  • published most publications in top journals or acquired most citations,
  • have experience with certain diseases or genes, species or cell lines, drugs or other chemicals,
  • have recent clinical trial phase 1, 2, or 3 experience,
  • won reputable grants or awards,
  • are involved in biotech spinoffs or startups,…
"I really enjoy using AcademicLabs. It has been extremely useful in finding opportunities and our experience is far superior to other database companies that we have previously used.

The filters and analytics are so easy to use, precise and brings back exactly what you are looking for."
Life Sciences Consultant

Lightning fast competitive analysis

Analyze your competitive landscape or find biotech companies based on their scientific activities, track record and collaborations. All in one place and easy to use.

competitive analysis

Examples of instant insights about your competitors:

  • which companies are currently most active, have most patents, publications, grants or clinical trials on your topic?
  • which academics and institutions are your competitors collaborating with?
  • what have they published and patented recently on your topic of interest?
  • what public grants have they won recently and who are their partners?
"You can do so much with it that one just needs to spend more time on it. This already gives so many different options of what you can do. A very flexible and versatile platform!"
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"We like the all-in-one approach of AcademicLabs the most — the grants, researchers, patents... in one place. And on top of that the linking to the group's lab profiles is a bonus!"
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Directly get in touch with any lab's leader

First, evaluate in-depth a group or researcher's scientific activities with a few clicks.

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Next, leverage the available information to write an effective personal email directly from AcademicLabs.

The professor's reply will be delivered directly to your inbox, and all your communications will be encrypted and GDPR compliant.

"I am using the tool very frequently and getting a lot of connections in academia."
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“I sincerely like it. I’m not using PubMed at all anymore. It is so convenient to have all sorts of different databases and unstructured data in a single one-stop solution. It saves me a lot of effort and time.
It’s now even my start site in Chrome
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