Find highly-targeted leads

Identify labs, startups, spinoffs, biotech and big pharma that will benefit the most from your products or services, and stay up-to-date automatically on future leads that fit your criteria.

labs, startups, spinoffs,…

Tired of scanning dozens of complicated university websites, LinkedIn pages, research lab webpages, bio clusters directories, startups & spinoffs webpages and grant portals to identify and qualify opportunities for your specialised solutions or services?

We did the boring and repetitive work for you.
In one place, we united 150.000 research labs, 4 million individual scientists, and 31,000 startups and spinoffs with their group leader, the research they focus on today, their publications, funded projects, patents, clinical trials, leadership and technologies - Globally!

With AcademicLabs, you can identify labs, researchers, startups and spinoffs working on your topic in seconds, and turn all your lead searches on autopilot.

"Compared to my previous desktop research, AcademicLabs saves me an enormous amount of time. The pay-off for me is in terms of the wealth of information I can rely on. I can now look for and find researchers, institutes, companies, KOLs, funding, patents relevant for our business. And only in a split second! …
Business Development Manager, Europe
… Using the filters even makes it possible to zoom in on year, country,  publication year, the researcher, etc. It's just so many things I can filter on that so far I haven't tried even all of them yet."
Business Development Manager, Europe

Identify and qualify promising opportunities in seconds

Identify your ideal leads amongst hundreds of thousands of labs, millions of researchers, and tens of thousands of startups & spinoffs in any country worldwide.

Identify and qualify promising opportunities in seconds

See who is doing what today and who just received funding (H2020, NIH...), instead of evaluating them only based on their outdated publications.

Leverage 360° profiles and advanced search and analytics options to research and pre-qualify the most promising leads. Find a warm intro as their collaborators may be your happy customers.

If qualified, bookmark, follow, share or contact them.

"I really enjoy using AcademicLabs. It has been extremely useful in finding opportunities and our experience is far superior to other database companies that we have previously used. The filters and analytics are so easy to use, precise and brings back exactly what you are looking for."
Life Sciences Consultant

Directly get in touch with any lab's leader

First, evaluate in-depth a group or researcher's scientific activities with a few clicks.

get in touch

Next, leverage the available information to write an effective personal email directly from AcademicLabs.

The professor's reply will be delivered directly to your inbox, and all your communications will be encrypted and GDPR compliant.

"I am using the tool very frequently and getting a lot of connections in academia."
Business Development
at Contract Research Organisation

Export lists of target labs and researchers

With 1-click, download a CSV/Excel file with hundreds of leads from your AcademicLabs search.

AcademicLabs export file

The file provides you with valuable information for each lab — including their mission, university, country, link to their publications and more.

Share it with your team, or import it in your CRM systems such as Salesforce to keep track.

"Really neat! Just 5 clicks and 20 seconds is what it takes to go from a search query to research groups in my territory active today on this topic, click export and then import the csv in my CRM. Now I have much more time to research these leads and contact them in a very informed way."
Business Development Manager
at Life Sciences Services Company
"You can do so much with it that one just needs to spend more time on it. This already gives so many different options of what you can do. A very flexible and versatile platform!"
Drug Discovery Scientific Leader
at top 10 Pharma company

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Turn on autopilot and stay updated with weekly emails

Set it and forget it. Never miss out on any new lab, startup or spinoff interested in your solutions with weekly email-alerts.

AcademicLabs Create Alert

AcademicLabs gives you the power to customise the Alerts with R&D-specific parameters that you use for finding leads.

Our algorithm will keep you updated weekly with new labs, rising stars, and emerging startups & spinoffs automatically.

"Better than PubMed and Google to find out who is working on the same thing and what is out there."
External Innovation
at top 20 Pharma Company

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“I sincerely like it. I’m not using PubMed at all anymore. It is so convenient to have all sorts of different databases and unstructured data in a single one-stop solution. It saves me a lot of effort and time.
It’s now even my start site in Chrome
to find literature, researchers, companies...”
Scientific Director at Top 10 Pharma