Still relying on PubMed?

Join the leading pharma and biotech innovators in hyper accelerating R&D projects with confidence.

Are you still relying on puzzling together information from PubMed, Google,, Espacenet, University websites... ?

Today, business developers and scientists in pharma and biotech transitioned from their decade-old habits to AcademicLabs as their go-to platform that uniquely unites and reveals:

Rising Stars

All research groups, experts, and emerging startups and spinoffs with 360° hand-curated research profiles, worldwide

unique data
deep dive

All current and past research: mission, current research, collaborations, projects, clinical trials, publications, patents


1-click R&D and competitive insights that accelerate your R&D decision-making with confidence


With one-click access to the most relevant external expertise, technologies, and R&D insights, they hyper-accelerate their R&D pipeline with confidence.

Jonathan Rohll
“It really massively simplified the process of gathering data on research groups, clinical trials, patents, and publications for more than 100 rare diseases. It saved me a great deal of time and effort.”
Jonathan Rohll
Head of Business Information
at OBN
"I really enjoy using AcademicLabs. It has been extremely useful in finding opportunities and our experience is far superior to other database companies that we have previously used.
The filters and analytics are so easy to use, precise and brings back exactly what you are looking for."
External Innovation
at a top 10 Pharma company
"This is an awesome tool. As scientists, it is important to stay on top of the information and this allows us to do that. It is easier and more user friendly to find papers than Google Scholar and PubMed. You can also find patents and clinical trials in the same database. It all comes together as a whole, which was especially interesting."
at a top 20 Pharma company
"I am using the tool very frequently and getting a lot of connections in academia."
Business Development
at a Contract Research Organisation
"The system is so easy to use that I actually use it.
This makes it very accessible to use on a regular basis which helps me to be efficient."
Clinical scientist
at a top 20 Pharma company

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