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Today, analysts and senior scientists in leading pharma, biotech and academia are embracing AcademicLabs as their primary research platform. Here's a glimpse of the vast amount of data we've refined and interlinked just for you – and we're expanding every week!

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research groups
Research Groups

Academic research groups at 1000+ leading universities


Academic and industry researchers from all over the world. Includes all life science, chemistry and AI researchers with ≥3 publications, and researchers in all other disciplines with ≥10 publications

Startups and Spinoffs

Companies in the biotech and pharma industry. Includes emerging and established therapeutic biotech, diagnostics, medical devices, big pharma, incubators, investors, consultants, CROs, C(D)MOs, etc

ongoing research
Ongoing Research

Current lines of investigation of academic research groups, as communicated publicly

funded projects
Funded Projects

Projects funded by the EU, US, Japan, most European countries, and the Wellcome Trust

clinical trials
Clinical Trials

Clinical trials from and 19 other registries worldwide covering US, EU, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Iran


All 37+ million PubMed publications, plus 50 million additional life science and STEM publications since 2015


Patents and patent applications since 2005 including priority rights from EPO and USPTO


Press releases for life sciences organisations since 2023, provided by PR Newswire

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We empower Innovation, Business Development, Intelligence, R&D, Academia, Sales, and more to uncover vital information amidst the noise, saving you valuable time and effort.

Jonathan Rohll
“It’s a great tool to find key experts and a good entry point to look into literature, patents, clinical trials, and projects all in one place—it has handy filters and is very user-friendly.”
Stephanie Staelens, Ph.D.
Head of Early Drug Discovery Project Management
at Confo Therapeutics
Jonathan Rohll
“It really massively simplified the process of gathering data on research groups, clinical trials, patents, and publications for more than 100 rare diseases. It saved me a great deal of time and effort.”
Jonathan Rohll
Head of Business Information
at OBN
Jonathan Rohll
“AcademicLabs has been an invaluable resource in many ways. It has allowed Microbiologics to see real-world, real-time trends in research at the same time allowing us insight into researchers’ goals and outcomes. It has been a way to connect with potential present and future collaborators. We love it.”
Joe Iacono
Sr. Business Development Manager
at Microbiologics
"This is an awesome tool. As scientists, it is important to stay on top of the information and this allows us to do that. It is easier and more user friendly to find papers than Google Scholar and PubMed. You can also find patents and clinical trials in the same database. It all comes together as a whole, which was especially interesting."
at top 20 Pharma Company
"I really enjoy using AcademicLabs. It has been extremely useful in finding opportunities and our experience is far superior to other database companies that we have previously used.
The filters and analytics are so easy to use, precise and bring back exactly what you are looking for."
Life Sciences Consultant

AcademicLabs’ Analyst Service

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Are you searching for relevant experts, startups, or valuable scientific and competitive insights but lack the time to do so yourself?

Unblock yourself via our game-changing Ask the Analyst Service—delegate your queries to our analyst team, and we'll take care of the rest.

confo therapeutics

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Confo Therapeutics identifies scientific experts seamlessly using AcademicLabs.

Confo Therapeutics identifies scientific experts seamlessly using AcademicLabs, eliminating a time sink in their drug discovery pipeline and allowing their work to move forward with a newfound confidence.

confo therapeutics

BioRN optimizes its scouting services with AcademicLabs.

Read the full story how this collaboration bolstered BioRN's scouting capabilities, ensuring they remained at the forefront of connecting academia and industry.

confo therapeutics

Latest Press Releases

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“I sincerely like it. I’m not using PubMed at all anymore. It is so convenient to have all sorts of different databases and unstructured data in a single one-stop solution. It saves me a lot of effort and time.
It’s now even my start site in Chrome
to find literature, researchers, companies...”
Scientific Director at Top 10 Pharma