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Biotech Consultant Partnership

AcademicLabs and AGIO Capital & Business Solutions sign a strategic partnership agreement

June 13, 2022

Agio Capital and Business Solutions and AcademicLabs have signed a strategic partnership agreement. Through this partnership, both Agio Capital and AcademicLabs wish to catalyze the support of life sciences companies in their international expansion into Asia with a focus on China.

Agio Capital will utilize the scientific landscaping platform of AcademicLabs to provide KOL mapping support and health science disease specific content in its business development services for clients. The platform will form the information source for mapping different key success factors in specific disease areas when entering the Asian and China market.  AcademicLabs will validate the findings of Agio Capital and will enhance, enlarge and improve the Asian focused information in the platform, based on the feedback and results Agio Capital will provide using the platform.

Henk Joos, Healthcare director of AGIO Capital and Business Solutions is extremely pleased with this partnership: "I have been following the development of AcademicLabs with a lot of interest over the years and have now signed this partnership because it is the perfect supporting tool for our client services. The database has been widely adopted by top pharma and biotech startups for scientific landscaping analyses. Recently, it gained a lot of deeper insights towards Asia and China and this collaboration can only further enhance this development."

Arne Smolders, CEO of AcademicLabs is also enthusiastic about the strategic partnership: "A rapidly growing number of biotech companies use  the AcademicLabs platform for collaborator identification, competitive positioning, finding new research collaborations, and out-licensing opportunities. Thanks to our strategic partnership with AGIO Capital, a leader in catalyzing links between European life science companies and Asian investors and strategic partners, life science companies can now outsource such landscaping activities. They will benefit from an integrated strategic and data-driven financial and business development service to effectively capitalize on huge opportunities in Asian and European markets."

AcademicLabs has developed in the last 6 years a global scientific landscaping platform, bringing insights in 150.000 academic research groups, 4 million scientific experts, 30.000 biotech companies, big pharma, universities and hospitals, along with their connected activities (publications, patents, research projects, clinical trials, …). Through its platform, AcademicLabs empowers scientists, business developers and intelligence professionals in Industry and Academia in making better and faster data driven decisions, through highly advanced scientific landscaping and expert analyses.

AGIO Capital & Business Solutions is a financial/business advisor to companies active in diverse High Technology domains (Life Sciences, Technology and Industry 4.0). We support companies with dilutive and non-dilutive fundraising and the forging of business deals (License agreements, JV’s or M&A transactions). In Healthcare, AGIO has been particularly successful in connecting European companies with Asian investors and Life Sciences companies. It is also involved in ‘connecting the dots’ before and after the deal along the complex value chain of Healthcare product development and launch.