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Nucleate Announces Sponsorship With AcademicLabs

Brighton, MA
July 6, 2023

Nucleate is proud to announce our sponsorship with AcademicLabs for the Nucleate HQ Research Initiative. AcademicLabs is committed to empowering our innovation landscaping and market research capabilities by providing access to an expansive database of leading academic researchers, industry experts, biotech startups, and pharmaceutical companies. We are excited to partner with an organization such as AcademicLabs, whose mission of democratized access to scientific information aligns so strongly with our own.

AcademicLabs, a leading scientific all-in-one search platform and database based in Ghent, Belgium, will be hosting at least one hands-on workshop to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities and user functions for members of the Research Initiative. This will be paired with sustained consultation and guidance for best practices and techniques for tool usage. Furthermore, AcademicLabs will be providing the Research Initiative with enhanced access and export functionalities. Altogether, this partnership between AcademicLabs and the Research Initiative is an exciting opportunity for cross-institutional collaboration to promote open access to cutting-edge trends and information in the biotechnology space.

We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with AcademicLabs to provide our Research Initiative a state-of-the-art tool for innovation landscaping. Come meet AcademicLabs, who are planning to attend the Nucleate Summit this August in San Diego!

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